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  1. Did you write “An Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice?
  2. Yes.

    I submitted the letter to the White House on Friday, April 9, 2004 by webmail with an e-mail cc: to President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

    The letter was subsequently published on Friday by From the Wilderness in Los Angeles, Le Metropole Cafe in Dallas, and the Centre for Research on Globalization in Ontario, Canada. Several other websites republished over the Easter weekend. It was then published by Scoop Media in New Zealand in my regular column “Mapping the Real Deal” and UPI Hears quoted it on Tuesday, April 13, 2004.

  3. Can I republish “An Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice?
  4. You have permission to republish or circulate in it's entirety.

    The letter has been republished at other websites and has been submitted to local newspapers for republication.

  5. What has been your interest in 9-11 and the response to 9-11?
  6. I lived in New York City for 11 years and worked on Wall Street near the World Trade Center. I was in the World Trade Center on many occasions. I worked with leadership of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey -- the agency which owned and oversaw the management of the World Trade Center at that time. I also knew people with and worked with many companies that were located or had offices in the buildings.

    My prior company, Hamilton Securities served as financial advisor to Battery Park City Authority, across from the World Trade Center and at one point participated in a workshop on the possible privatization of the World Trade Center. The downtown Manhattan neighborhood has been my home and is still the home and work place for family and friends.

    For additional background, see my bio at

    Websites I have co-founded:

    Together with Kyle Hence, Tom Flocco and Miles Thompson, I co-founded - a website created to emerge the most important questions developed by global citizens and researchers to illuminate and understand the events of 9-11.

    Articles I have written about 9-11 and the response to 9-11

    The articles I have written regarding 9-11 are posted at

    Speeches I have made about 9-11?

    I have participated in two press conferences. Articles and audio coverage of these Press Conferences are available at:

    The first press conference was on June 11, 2002 at the National Press Club to launch with co-funders Kyle Hence, Tom Flocco and Miles Thompson.

    The second press conference was on March 22, 2004 with Kyle Hence of 9-11 Citizens Watch. Citizens Watch was created by Kyle and John Judge to hold the 9-11 Commission responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions of 9-11. Audio for this 9-11 Citizens Watch Press Conference at the National Press Club available at C-SPAN.

  7. Who is responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions about 9-11?
  8. The President of the United States is responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions.

    The agencies represented by the attendees of the National Security Council meetings (See responsible to support the President to do so. This national security infrastructure has significant legal authority, funding, people and resources to investigate and document events 9-11 and the response to 9-11.

    The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States is also responsible to answer or make sure the President answers the UnAnswered Questions.

    The United States Congress through the authorization and appropriations process is responsible to hold the President and the Executive Branch and the National Commission responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions. If the President and the Executive Branch do not perform, Congress has the power to cut or cancel their funding.

    The media is responsible to hold the President and the Executive Branch and the Congress responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions in a manner that is as easily understandable and accessible as possible.

    We, the citizens are responsible to hold our government officials and our media responsible for their performance and to answer the UnAnswered Questions.

    Individual citizens do not have the legal authority and resources required to fully investigate and document events such as 9-11 and the response to 9-11. Hence, it is essential for taxpayers and media consumers to hold those responsible who have been given the authority, powers and funding to do so.

    This is why the debate about transparency and openness related to the Administration's disclosures and testimony is so important.

  9. Why have you published your letter with Internet media and not published with or spoken out in corporate media?
  10. I worked in the first Bush Administration and then ran a company that served the Clinton Administration as a financial advisor for the Federal Housing Administration. During that period I had experiences with media owned and controlled by multinational corporations. These experiences persuaded me that corporate media was subject to significant conflicts of interest on politically and financially sensitive issues and did not address many important issues. My experiences were reminiscent of George Orwell who once said that "omission is the greatest form of lie."

    Since 1998, I have "voted" with my time and money to read, publish and support reporters or and publishers who do not have significant operational dependency on military satellites and/or financial dependency on Wall Street capital and -- in my experience -- are committed to finding and illuminating the truth on 9-11 and current events in a manner that is useful and accessible to ordinary citizens.

  11. How can I learn more about 9-11?
  12. In addition to the links in An Open Letter to I would recommend the following two sources:

    The other websites described above and below – UnAnswered Questions, 9-11 Citizens Watch, Scoop Media, From the Wilderness and the Centre for Global Research – have all published and republished a significant number of articles and editorials on 9-11 and the Administration's response to 9-11.

    While not a source about 9-11, Sanders Research Associates in England is the best all round website to understand the political and economic context in which 9-11 and the 9-11 response occurred. Chris Sanders republishes selected articles in Scoop Media and Le Metropole Cafe. I am a member of the Advisory Board of Sanders Research Associates.

    Chris Sanders and I have co-authored an article on the US black budget to be published in July by the World Affairs Journal. An excellent book to provide background on the US black budget is Blank Check: The Pentagon's Black Budget, by Tim Weiner.

  13. Are the standards that you are applying to Condoleezza Rice too tough?
  14. For the last nine years, the U.S. government has tried to terrorize and frame me and my former colleagues at the Hamilton Securities Group. In the process I have listened to government investigators and attorneys illuminate a great deal about the standards of transparency and performance in the law regarding the conduct of government officials and government programs and operations. The standards to which I hold Condoleezza Rice are appropriate. They are also significantly less rigorous that the standards applied to me by the U.S. Department of Justice during the Clinton Administration and now during the current Bush Administration.

    If you would like to learn more about the standards this Administration applies to leaders who bring transparency to government operations and resources, come watch the Department of Justice and their relator ("whistleblower") in their efforts to falsely frame me and my former colleagues in Federal District Court for the District of Columbia in the Federal Courthouse in Washington DC at 10 am on April 27, 2004. You can find the details of this and related litigation and updates at the Solari website - Where is the Money? Litigation

    If the same standards of negligence were applied to the Bush Administration's performance on 9-11 and the response to 9-11 that they and the Clinton Administration have applied to me, the result would be the criminal investigation and possible indictment and prosecution of the President, the National Security Advisor, the Joint Chief of Staffs, the Head of the CIA, NSA, ONI, DIA, Treasury, Department of Justice and the top officials of NORAD as well as the seizure of their personal assets. Subject to investigation, the result might also include the criminal investigation, indictment and prosecution as well as seizure of corporate assets of several defense contractors and federal banking depositories.

  15. Is your letter partisan?
  16. No.

    All U.S. government officials should be held to high standards of fiduciary performance, irrespective of special interests, party affiliations and the identities of those who raise money for and donate to Presidential and Congressional elections.

    The notion that our problems can be addressed by electing to the Presidency the representative selected by one of the political parties that is not currently in power is a form of escapism. Our problems are systemic – they are endemic to our financial system and our culture and economy worldwide. For many centuries, our civilization has depended on warfare and covert operations to finance our way of life. We must either learn why and transform our behavior or run the risk of extinction.

    It is proper to hold government officials accountable. It is inappropriate to use them as scapegoats to avoid facing or changing our own corruption.

    To read my articles about what is happening and what we can do about it, visit the Learning About Solari section at Solari's website.

  17. There are numerous allegations about government officials who were warned not to fly on commercial airlines on or before 9-11 -- Are they true?
  18. It is a straightforward matter for federal investigators and the National Commission to subpoena the telephone and office records of public officials or private citizens reported to have been warned and to require them and their staff members to testify under oath to determine the facts.

    This is another reason why it is important to hold the National Commission and Bush Administration responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions of 9-11. They have the authority and the resources to illuminate these questions and to find and document the facts.

  19. Do you think that your position puts you in danger?
  20. No, I agree with Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he stated in his First Inaugural Address in 1933, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    I am blessed and enjoy the protection of the love and kindness of my family who demonstrate all the finest qualities that have made American great.

    I am blessed and enjoy the protection of many wonderful friends, neighbors and colleagues, by hundreds of members of the Solari Action Network and by the 9-11 truth community and men and women around the world who seek transparency, accountability and peace.

    Most importantly, I am blessed by the intelligence and mercy of a loving God.

  21. What can I do to support a more transparent and peaceful government and society?
  22. There are many things we can do so long as we each make a commitment to be awake, to take actions that are energizing to us, our families and our neighbors in our daily lives and to "vote" with our time and resources for a better America.

    Here are some of the concrete activities that I find useful:

    1. Pray and mediate -- Our thoughts and our intentions are powerful. Through prayer we can unify around the creation of a peaceful culture and economy.

    2. Transforming ourselves -- We are all complicit in enjoying the benefits of activities that harm others. As we develop a better understanding of the impact of our actions and transactions on others --as well as how the flow of goverment money works in our area -- we will see opportunities to transform ourselves in a way that will transform what is going on around us.

    3. Vote with our time and money -- We vote every year or two at the polls. However, we vote every day in the marketplace with our media attention, our bank deposits, our purchases, our investments and our associations. We have tremendous power as consumers to shift what is happening in government and in the banks, media, corporations and defense contractors who increasingly control government. As we illuminate how the government money works in our area, we will find many ways to reengineer these flows to reduce corruption and improve our local safety and quality of life.

    Consumer power and transparency can and will transform our world in a powerful and positive manner.

    4. Sign up for the Solari Action Network and sign the Where is the Money Petition --

    To learn more about what is happening, feel free to access my writings at the Solari website . Learn about the $3.3 trillion missing from the federal government and sign the Where is the Money? petition. Sign up at our forum to join the conversation at Solari Action Network.

    5. Donate -- Government corruption depends on the ability to run honest people out of Washington with dirty tricks. How about being an angel and coming to keep watch during the trial in Washington or making a donation to Solari to help fund others to do the same and to hold US government officials and politicians accountable? Click here to make a donation.

    Why not subscribe and donate to the websites that published my "Open Letter" and are doing their best to hold the US government responsible to answer the UnAnswered Questions of 9-11 (see also Trusted Sources below)?

  23. What's Next?
  24. Tomorrow, April 14th, I will be on InfoWars to discuss my letter to Condoleeza Rice. For details see

    This weekend, I leave Hickory Valley for Washington to prepare and go to trial in Federal District Court, starting Tuesday, April 27, 2004 - for details see - your prayers, attendance, and donations are deeply appreciated.

    Prayers coming your way,

    Catherine Austin Fitts
    Solari, Inc.









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