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UnAnswered Questions for Mel Martinez

As a Republican Candidate for Senate in 2004 you will need to convince Florida voters that you are fiscally responsible and can be trusted to represent them and their families. The following questions are intended to help illuminate your performance by "following the money trail" through key areas of your personal responsibility:

As Co-Chair of the 'Bush for President' Campaign in Florida (Election 2000)

  1. Ballot-Tampering in the 21st CenturyWho made money from the improper "cleansing" of 57,000 legitimate voters from the Florida voting rolls in 2000?

  2.     Links on Florida Voter Fraud & Black Box Voting:

  3. Enron logoWho got the money that Florida state pensions "lost" on Enron after Enron helped finance the Florida 2000 Presidential election and recount?
    Jeb's team is buying with Floridians' money when Ken Lay is selling – did Bush-Lay steal Floridians retirement savings?

  4.     Links on Enron :

    Note: Enron is the largest life time contributor to George W. Bush – of the top 20 life-time contributors, 10 of them are Enron related.

  1. What was the total financing, soft money and other "support" received by the Bush Florida Campaign from Lockheed Martin, Northrup, GE and other significant beneficiaries of the War on Terrorism as well as from their media subsidiaries and affiliates?

        Additional Links on Bush Campaign Financing:

Lockheed Stock Performance Chart

As this graph from the Lockheed Martin Annual Proxy shows, the
Bush Election 2000 and 9/11 were great for Lockheed stockholders!

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